Orthoplex White

Orthoplex White is a range for clinical practitioners only, acknowledging the increasing complexity of ailments presenting in clinic. To purchase products in the Orthoplex White range, patients must engage in a full-length consultation with a clinical practitioner. Stockists of this range are bound by a contractual set of selling standards, ensuring the products are used correctly, and contributing to the robust integrity of the industry.

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Only the best

Orthoplex White offers clinical practitioners a range of comprehensive formulations, designed for use with more complex conditions. These synergistic formulations provide nutrients in specific doses to leverage different biochemical pathways in the body. This range delivers the most bioavailable forms of each nutrient while minimizing the use of excipients.

Our Aim

  • Clinic only product range
  • Highest quality possible
  • Supporting the industry
  • Full disclosure of all excipients

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Approved Practitioner

If you would like to purchase Orthoplex White products and become an approved practitioner, you must complete the relevant application form and agree to the set guidelines and selling standards. Click here for application forms for Practitioners and Students or Pharmacies and Stores.