Our mission to to reduce the burden of chronic disease and create a healthier future by delivering highly effective nutritional supplements under our brand Orthoplex.

What We Stand For:

At Bio Concepts, quality independent and cutting-edge education has underpinned every facet of the business since its’ inception over 35 years ago. From sitting on educational boards, designing courses and degrees, writing books and publishing original research in independent peer reviewed journals, Bio Concepts is renowned for providing ethical, objective education for the benefit of the overall industry. These are our principles below:

Total Transparency

You want to know exactly what’s in the formula you’re prescribing, down to the most minute details – and we believe it’s your right to know. That’s why we openly disclose every excipient, every time, so you can decide for yourself whether the ingredients are suitable for you and your patients.

Quest for Quality

We search the globe to meticulously source the best quality ingredients that meet our high standards and we will not rush to introduce a new product if we cannot get it exactly right. At Orthoplex, ‘near enough’ is never good enough. Our products are independently tested by the best testing centres in the world because we care about providing the cleanest, most effective supplements.

Pioneers in Practitioner Education

From day one, we’ve been passionate about educating and empowering practitioners, and today we’re renowned as leading industry educators. We have our finger on the pulse, constantly reviewing recent research to ensure our practitioners are kept up to date with the latest learnings and industry insights.

Utmost Integrity

Alongside excipient disclosure, we review and monitor the entire quality process from source to shelf. Traceability, sustainability and ethical conduct are also vital components of the integrity equation and these factors are thoroughly checked before any product lands in your hands. Like you, we care about working towards a better tomorrow.

Forward-Thinking Formulations & Industry Innovators

We care about making the most clinically relevant formulations that address the problems your patients face. That’s why we develop cutting-edge products based on the latest ingredients at the forefront of research. Our formulations are constantly reviewed to ensure they reflect the most up-to-date scientific literature so that you can stay on the frontline.

Excellence in all Endeavours

We are always in the pursuit of excellence across all areas of our business, because at the end of the day, our priority is helping practitioners achieve meaningful results and effective outcomes to create a healthier future.