Our Mission And Values

What We Stand For:

At Bio Concepts, quality independent and cutting-edge education has underpinned every facet of the business since its’ inception over 33 years ago. From sitting on educational boards, designing courses and degrees, writing books and publishing original research in independent peer reviewed journals, Bio Concepts is renowned for providing ethical, objective education for the benefit of the overall industry.

Our mission to ‘Enhance People’s Lives’ is based on providing Practitioners with the education and tools they need to solve the often-complex health issues of their patients. We do this through the following principals:


Demonstrated Transparency

You want to know exactly what’s in your formula down to the most minute details. We get it and think that’s fair enough. That’s why we openly disclose every excipient, every time, so you can decide for yourself whether the ingredients are suitable for both you and your patients and their specific clinical needs.


Thought Leadership

Getting to the bottom of things is our passion. With resources such as the Education Centre, clinical tools, educational events or one-on-one communication, we provide you with the latest in cutting-edge research, so you can cut through the noise. We translate this into a scientifically relevant format, so you can more easily make informed clinical choices.


History of Excellence

Every company claims to be innovative, but what does that really mean? For over 33 years we have been highly focused on helping practitioners get meaningful results and today we still stand for the exact same things. We care about making clinically relevant formulations that address the problems your patients face. We care about providing the most effective and cleanest possibilities, so you feel reassured about the outcomes. We care about supporting sustainably, so we can both work towards a better tomorrow.



You want more than just quality and so do we. We review and monitor the entire process, from seed to shelf, because that’s what really matters. Traceability, sustainability and ethical conduct are all vital components of the integrity equation and all these factors are thoroughly checked before anything lands in your hands. All education comes from industry experts, so you can feel confident about the information and that it reliably reflects the true body of evidence.


Evolving Formulations

At Bio Concepts, we never accept ‘good enough’. Our formulations are constantly reviewed to ensure they reflect the latest in scientific literature, thereby ensuring they are always suitable for the changing needs of your patients. If the science changes, we’ll be the first to let you know and we will adapt accordingly, so you can stay on the frontline.