Have you been prescribed an Orthoplex White or Green product?

With countless ranges of nutritional supplements on the market how are you to know which supplements will work for you and your specific health needs? A consultation with a qualified healthcare practitioner can assist you in determining your individual nutritional requirements, and how to best meet them.

Your Practitioner will not only treat the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of your condition.
Recommendations from your healthcare practitioner may include dietary changes, as well as nutritional supplementation, particularly when higher levels of nutrients are required.

Not only is it important to seek Practitioner advice initially, but also throughout your treatment and sometimes even in the maintenance period. Your nutritional and supplemental needs may change throughout these periods. Regular check-ups also ensure that your nutritional prescription can be altered according to your body’s changing needs.

If you want a new state of wellbeing, potentially maximising the quality of your life, seek Practitioner advice before starting or changing your nutritional supplementation needs.

Why you should seek advice from your healthcare practitioner for your nutritional supplementation:

  • Not all supplements are created equally and only a qualified practitioner can assess your true needs
  • Quality and efficacy of nutritional supplements can vary, practitioners can assist in recommending the best quality supplement
  • If you have sensitivities you can discuss this with your healthcare practitioner who will ensure you receive the right treatment and nutritional supplementation.

It is essential to find a practitioner that you feel really comfortable with and trust implicitly with your health. Once you find this practitioner it is in the best interest of your ongoing healthcare to stick with them and to have regular check-ups, even when you don’t feel sick.

Qualified healthcare practitioners have spent years studying the biochemical intricacies of the body, and the many aspects of health and illness. These are the only people equipped with the knowledge required to offer professional advice about nutritional supplementation. They are also professionally obliged and committed to ensuring you attain, and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

Bio Concepts does not supply direct to the public.

Orthoplex White and Green nutritional supplements are available to purchase through your healthcare practitioner.