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How do I register for practitioner access with Bio Concepts?

If you are a practitioner, you can register to access exclusive practitioner educational resources and products. To register, simply click on the register icon at the top right of the home screen or click here.

Please note you will be asked to submit documentation as proof of your qualifications.

How long does it take for my practitioner access registration to be approved?

Your practitioner access application will be finalised within 48 hours of applying based on suppling all relevant documentation. Longer lead times may apply if incorrect documentation is supplied.

What documentation do you require for practitioner access approval?

Practitioner access (full access) - up to date association certificate or Degree **of which must include your modality**
Student access (access to education but you cannot buy products) - A letter from your college stating what year you are currently in, when you should be graduating and if you are currently in clinic.

Why do I need to provide the required documentation?

Bio Concepts provide education and nutritional formulations for practitioners. As Practitioner Only products can only be prescribed and purchased by qualified Healthcare Practitioners, it is our Duty of Care to ensure that each registered user is a certified Practitioner before allowing full access to our website.

As an approved Practitioner, what access will I have on the Bio Concepts website?

As an approved Practitioner, you will have access to educational resources and clinical tools. You will also be able to purchase practitioner only products (Including Orthoplex White Products if you are approved to purchase Orthoplex White products) and access the complimentary educational resources and clinical tools. Free resources on our site include the MDA (Mood Disorder Appraisal), Clinical Charts and the Patient Ordering System.

I am a student, what do I get access to on your site?

All students can access the practitioner resources. If you are a 3rd year student you also have access to the Web Shop. To be approved for the Web Shop you must provide the correct documentation stating you are a 3 rd year student.


How is Orthoplex White different to Orthoplex Green and Orthoplex Blue?

All of our products are practitioner only and can only be dispensed after a consultation from a practitioner. We have strict guidelines for all of our brands including Orthoplex Green, Orthoplex Blue and the Orthoplex White range that must be followed.
The Orthoplex White range is designed for Clinical Practitioners only, with stringent guidelines as to who qualifies based on a robust set of Selling Standards. You must obtain approval to purchase anything within the Orthoplex White range and ensure you follow all Selling Standards stated.

Why do I have to apply to access and purchase Orthoplex White products?

As the Orthoplex White range is strictly for clinical practitioners and includes products that require a thorough clinical consultation, you must be an approved practitioner to purchase. This requires reading and acknowledging that you can comply to the Orthoplex White selling standards. This ensures this range is protected and only used within a clinical environment.

Who can apply for Orthoplex White approval?

To see who can apply for Orthoplex White approval, view our full Selling Standards here. If you can comply to all of these standards and fit within the Modalities stated within the document, you may apply for Orthoplex White approval. The final approval is subject to Bio Concepts assessment of your application.

Approved Modalities: Medical practitioners, Psychologists, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Midwives, Dentists, Dental hygienists, Dental prosthetists, Osteopaths, Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicines and Podiatrists.
(if your modality is not on this list and you would like more information on if you can apply for Orthoplex White please contact customer service)

Where can I find the Orthoplex White Selling Standards Form?

You can find the form on our website here.

What do I do with the Orthoplex White Form now that I have filled it out?

The only Orthoplex White form not online is our Orthoplex White Clinic/Pharmacy form. Once completed please send to

How long does it take for my Orthoplex White Form to be assessed?

We aim to process your Orthoplex White application as fast as possible, however applications can take up to 1 week to be assessed. As soon as the assessment has been made we will inform you if you have been approved or if we require further documentation or verification.


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Our Distributors can be found all across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Please click here to find a distributor closest to you.


What is the ‘Find A Practitioner page?’

The ‘Find a Practitioner’ page allows for the general public to search for a local practitioners in their area. They simply need to type in their postcode and select the search area. All practitioners that have agreed to be a part of this page will appear in the search.

How can I be added to your ‘Find A Practitioner’ page?

The Find a Practitioner page is exclusive for Orthoplex White approved practitioners to ensure the search is limited to clinical practitioners. When you sign up for Orthoplex White approval there is a section where you can indicate if you would like to be added to this page. If you are already approved and are unsure if you are part of the Find a Practitioner page, email and request for us to add you to this page.

How do I use the Patient Ordering System?

The Bio Concepts Patient Ordering System is a clinical tool that allows you to set up patients for access to prescribed nutritional supplements in the Orthoplex Green, Orthoplex White and Orthoplex Blue ranges. For all orders received by your patients you will receive a rebate.

To learn more about the Patient Ordering System and how to use it, visit this page.