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MultiGen Biotic Powder 30g

Orthoplex White

A multi-generational probiotic formula for infants, children, teenagers, pregnancy, adults and the elderly. MultiGen Biotic is formulated for all ages and sets a new industry benchmark for incorporating the most scientifically documented strains within a 9-strain 30 billion CFU probiotic formula.


First to Australian clinical practitioners
Present in more than 40 years of research and hundreds of scientific publications
Naturally found in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy breastfed newborns and infants
The predominant bacterial in the intestinal tract shortly after birth

Allergen advice tickGluten Free
Allergen advice tickEgg Free
Allergen advice tickDairy Free
Allergen advice tickSoy Protein Free
Allergen advice tickVegan
Allergen advice tickVegetarian