Patient Support Web

At Bio Concepts we are committed to providing our practitioners with all the tools and resources you need to support your patients. As a part of this commitment we are proud to announce a range of patient materials. This range has been created with the intention of providing our practitioners with further tools to support your patients in order to ensure they feel comfortable and confident about our brands and their journey of healing.

Patient Online Resources

These pages have been designed to give additional, patient relevant information to support your practice. Healthy tips, Lifestyle and Recipe Ideas, these pages are designed to be an extension of your information sharing with your patient.

Journey Of Parenthood Patient Information Page

The Journey of Parenthood

When a patient is trying to fall pregnant or has managed to fall pregnant, it can be a time in their lives when they crave additional information. This guide offers Pregnancy Diet, Lifestyle & Health information. It includes Yoga videos for pre, during and post pregnancy, recipes, nutritional information and tips. OPEN HERE

Living With Coeliac Patient Information

Living with Coeliac Disease

If your patient has been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease it can be an overwhelming time for them and their family. This guide aims to help give clarity on this next phase, confidence in the journey ahead and peace of mind in knowing that everything will be okay.

It talks through the signs and symptoms, gluten free recipes and tips for overcoming the challenges of living with Coeliac Disease. OPEN HERE

Motivation E Book Display Image Lrg

A Practical Guide to Motivation

This guide takes a closer look at the Science of Motivation and provides practical Real World Strategies to increase motivation levels and implement positive changes into our daily routines, combined with healthy recipes to fuel your body and rejuvenate your mind, this guide will leave your patients feeling confident about the steps to come. OPEN HERE

Patient Product Information

The patient product flyers allow patients to learn more about the product they will be taking. They provide an overview of the product and its purpose as well as detailing the product specifications and how it works. The message on each flyer emphasizes the commitment we have to work with practitioners to deliver a combination of high quality formulations and qualified consultation. To represent this commitment every flyer has been designed with space for you to include your contact details in order to personalise each flyer.

Click on the image of the flyer you would like to download

Adreno Enhance Product Patient Flyer


Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Support

Anxioton Pp


Anxiety, Sleep and Relaxation

Bio Active Lipids Patient Flyer

BioActive Lipids

Next Generation Omega-3 Purity Standards

Bio Enhanced Methyl B Pf

BioEnhanced Methyl-B

Activated B Formula
Citra Mag


Ultra-low Excipient Magnesium

Curcuminoid Ultra Pure Copy

Curcuminoid Ultra Pure

Ultra-low Excipient Curcuminoid Polyphenols

Git Immuno Biotic Patient Pad

GIT Immunobiotic

Gastrointestinal Health and Immune Function Support

MagTaur Xcell Patient Flyer

MagTaur Xcell

Stress, Cardiovascular and Energy Support

Metibol Xcell Patient Flyer

Metibol Xcell

Fat Metabolism, Sugar Uptake and Appetite Support

MultiGen Biotic Patient Flyer

MultiGen Biotic

For every age, at every stage

Pre Dop Lift

PreDop Lift

Energy, Dopamine and Adrenal Support

Sfm Xcell

S.F.M. Xcell

Thyroid, Adrenal and Metabolism Support