Orthoplex Green

Orthoplex Green is the original range from Bio Concepts, developed by Henry Osiecki over 30 years ago. The range is known for being the first to market with new formulations, which leverage the latest in clinical research. Orthoplex Green provides foundational support to healthcare practitioners, with formulations designed to assist across a range of conditions.

Foundational Support

Formulations in the Orthoplex Green range are often the first line of defense for practitioners tackling complex conditions in clinic. The products in the range deliver a synergistic blend of nutrients, built upon the promise that the raw materials are of the highest possible quality. Formulations in this range work collectively on specific biochemical pathways which need to be manipulated to facilitate a positive response. Products in this range focus specifically on key factors linked to conditions such as inflammation, mitochondrial function and oxidation.

Our Aim

  • Cutting edge formulations
  • Foundational support
  • Synergistic nutrient combinations
  • Full disclosure of all excipients

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