Orthoplex Blue

Orthoplex Blue is our range of encapsulated products, which are recognised worldwide as the purest form of oral supplements.

This range focusses on supporting practitioners who need to deliver nutrients to patients who may be facing intolerances or other sensitivities.

Encapsulated Purity

The Orthoplex Blue range leverages only the highest quality raw ingredients, provided in a capsule form, making it the best choices for practitioners working with sensitive patients. Orthoplex Blue products are of the highest possible standard of purity, with the capsule format eliminating the need for excipients.

Orthoplex Blue formulations have been specifically designed with sensitive individuals in mind, with ultra-low excipient capsules used to deliver a controlled dose of specific nutrients. All products in the range are created to be as hypoallergenic as possible and contain no stearates.

Our Aim

  • Low-allergen formulations
  • Maximise absorption
  • Purity of raw ingredients
  • Suitable for sensitive individuals

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