Patient Ordering System

The Bio Concepts ‘Online Patient Ordering System’ offers assistance in the supply of nutritional supplements directly to your patient without the need for a full product dispensary. The online Patient Ordering System includes all products from our brands: Orthoplex White, Orthoplex Green.

Fill out a Rebate Application Form and send to to start receiving your rebate.

Benefits to your

  • You can ensure your patients only receive the right products for their treatment
  • You have more control over what your patients purchase, knowing they are getting the right product from you
  • You will have a virtual dispensary of the full Bio Concepts range without the need to carry stock
  • You will receive full profits from the products your patients purchase
  • Your patients will have 24/7 access to order their prescribed products

New features

  • Quick and easy patient set up
  • Products specific to your patient
  • New Patient Flyers
  • Customised pricing

Watch a quick video to find out more details!

Learn more about the Patient Ordering System with this informational flyer for practitioners

Patient Ordering System

Start prescribing:

2 convenient options

1. You order on behalf of your patient at the time of consultation.
2. Your patient orders for themselves based on their script.

Find out more information by downloading the PDF