The MDA, or Mood Disorder Appraisal system is designed to assist you in practice with identifying potential areas of deficiencies of neurotransmitters.  This system is available to all practitioners who are registered with our site free of charge. 

The below video explains what the MDA (mood disorder appraisal) is and why it was developed.

Before you can use the MDA, you need to set up your patients.  This is a quick explanatory video on how to do that.

This video will be a guide in how you interpret the results of the MDA after your patient has completed it.

Have you checked out our other clinical tools?  Click here to go to the Clinical Tools page that lists the MDA, our Compounding Calculator and a range of charts you can use in practice.

If you still have any questions about how to use the mood disorder appraisal, please feel free to send your questions to our Education Centre team at