What is the Mood Disorder Appraisal (MDA)?

The Bio Concepts Mood Disorder Appraisal (MDA) helps you determine the chemical imbalance of your patients. It is designed as a tool to help you identify which neurotransmitter pathways need support, through a simple questionnaire, which can be emailed directly to the patient. This allows the patient to complete the questions that most relate to them, in their own time, with ample privacy.

Patients answer 65 multi-choice questions, grading each symptom from "never" to "very often". Once completed, they can email the appraisal back to you, to calculate the results.

The results are displayed in a colour coded bar graph, which highlights deficiencies from "slightly deficient" to "extremely deficient". This graph simplifies the identification of pathways and nutrients required. Patient answer sheets are included to allow for further investigation.

By implementing a patient focused approach, the questions in the MDA screen a patients health status, particularly mood, behaviors, stress and neurotransmitter balance. Supporting your consultation flow, preparation and prescription, the MDA can be completed either in clinic, or sent direct to patients.

This tool, designed to assist with the identification of potential deficiency, is available to all registered practitioners for free.

How Do I Access the MDA?

  1. Log into
  2. Select your name in the top right hand corner
  3. click on 'MDA Results' in the drop down menu

Instructional Videos

The below video explains what the MDA (mood disorder appraisal) is and why it was developed.

Before you can use the MDA, you need to set up your patients. This is a quick explanatory video on how to do that.

This video will be a guide in how you interpret the results of the MDA after your patient has completed it.

If you still have any questions about how to use the mood disorder appraisal, please feel free to send your questions to our Education Centre team at