Tips to enjoy your pregnancy and life with your newbornTips during Pregnancy

Take time out for you

When baby arrives, your focus will be on their needs and some days you’ll be lucky to fit in a shower! Spend some time doing things you love, even the simplicity of listening to music or going for a walk in nature can be great for the spirit.

Stay Active

If you already have a training program pre-pregnancy, maintain it with the guidance of your health care professional. Otherwise staying active with gentle exercise like walking, swimming and yoga can help boost your mood, promote good sleep and improve your circulation.

Enjoy your sleep

Listen to your body – taking a nap during the day (where possible) is very beneficial if your sleep is interrupted at night. During your first trimester you can feel overwhelmingly tired, so going to bed earlier and prioritising sleep is important.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

As your pregnancy progresses, your feet are taking increased weight as well as swelling with fluid retention. As your centre of gravity shifts, pain in your back, hips, legs and feet can be minimised with the right shoes. Comfort and support are the priorities during pregnancy.

Reduce the Stress

If that’s not possible then learn to manage stress using breathing techniques and meditation, yoga, eating nutritious whole foods and regular pregnancy massage.

Tips for life with your Newborn

Set Realistic Expectations

Real life is not what you see on social media. Expect your first few weeks or months as a new mum to be challenging and at times, overwhelming. Trust your intuition, and also know that this will pass, and you’ll get through it.

Enjoy Fresh Air

Sunlight and fresh air makes us feel happy. Taking baby for a neighbourhood walk in the pram, having a little picnic on the grass in the backyard or local park, or even sitting next to an open window in the sun can elevate your mood.


Use meditation techniques to help remain calm and centred, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Even doing this for a few minutes at a time makes all the difference.

Stay in Touch

It’s easy to feel isolated especially if you’re the first of your friends to have a baby, or you are spending long days at home on your own with your baby. Reach out to friends and family, keep connected and take up any offers of help.

Ask for Help

Involve your partner, family and friends. You will receive many offers of help so gratefully receive these while you are adjusting to your new life.

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