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Date & Time

24 Feb 2020, 12:00pm 27 Feb 2020, 1:30pm


Webinar: Beating the pain cycle

This month's topic:

Beating the pain cycle

More than three million Australians live with chronic pain with 68% of these of working age.Figures show that lower back pain was the most common type of pain, and the leading cause of disability worldwide in 2017.

By 2032 it is projected that cases of arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions will increase by 43% to 8.7 million and affect more than 30% of the population. Back problems are estimated to affect 3.8 million people.

As a result, millions of Australians are taking pain killers, in particular, opioid medications. These come with their own issues and side effects.For example, 62% of all drug-induced deaths in Australia in recent years resulted from opioid use. The government is concerned and has released a National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management.

As natural health care practitioners how can we manage and reduce pain in these patients?

Learning outcomes:

Join Toni Chambers, Bio Concepts Technical Advisor, to explore pain and the use of opioid medications

  • Explore strategies to reduce pain, prevent inflammation and interrupt the pain cycle
  • Look at types of pain and effective treatment for neuropathic pain
  • Delve into the emotional connection to pain and the impact of pain on mental health
  • Dig into pain-related case studies

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What you'll get

What Youll Get


Toni SpeakerToni Chambers

BHlthSc (Nut Med) B Arts (Journalism)
Clinical Nutritionist, BCEC Technical Consultant and Technical Support Leader for Bio Concepts

Toni is a practising clinical nutritionist, journalist, team leader and scientific advisor of the Bio Concepts Technical Support team. Toni is passionate about children's health and nutrition, and education as the key in the early years to halt the march of diet-related diseases. She is a regular in some of Brisbane’s primary schools as part of the Health curriculum. Toni is furthering her knowledge in the area of functional medicine and is also undertaking yoga teacher training as a way of further helping her patients with a mind-body-spirit approach to improving their health.


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