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The Education Centre is your online portal to access articles, podcasts, interviews, webinars and clinical tools to provide you with ongoing education, without pushing products or brands.


By joining the Bio Concepts Education Centre, you will have access to hundreds of resources built upon 7 pillars of health including: Cancer, Children, Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal, Immunity, Mental Health & Sleep and Metabolic. Explore these pillars along with features such as the Osiecki Files and your free access to the Natural Medicines Database (formerly called Natural Medicines Database) -- valued at $199 -- which provides a comprehensive and research-education based portal to interactions, contraindications and various other safety information.


With a flood of information coming in the form of advertising material, it is increasingly difficult to find non-biased information. Our Technical Advisors in the Education Centre stay on top of the latest research, reading and interpreting massive amounts of material, and translating it into a form that holds clinical relevance. This database is constantly updated, and contains resources created by the best in the industry. As a member you will be updated with new resources added to the Education Centre monthly plus you receive 10% off all Bio Concepts Educational Events and Publications.

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